Sunday, August 21, 2005

Websites that should exist, but don't.

I have ideas. Lots of ideas. Time? Not so much. Perhaps more if I wasn't so bloody lazy. That, however, is for another time. For now, let me document two of these ideas.


People hate people, companies and things... wouldn't it be nice to document these various hatreds? In light of the recent fad of social tagging sites, I propose the following: allow users to create "objects," tag them, and associate them with "reasons," and tag those.


Ever see a bug on a site that you want fixed, but don't have any control over it? Well, offer the site money for it! Problem is, that'd be expensive if you are the only one offering a bounty. Thus, allow users to log bugs and attach PayPal payments to them. When the site fixes the problem, or if the bounties expire, the money is either given to the site's owner, or back to the grantee. Let the taking back of the web begin!

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