Saturday, August 07, 2010

Two Book Recommendations for QI/QC

Uncharacteristically, this shall be a short entry. Instead of talking about my thoughts on politics or science or anything at all, I'd like to point my readers at a wonderful book that serves as a good introduction to quantum information and computation. I don't claim to be such an expert in these fields as to be able to write a complete book's worth of introductory materials, and so my own writings will be, by comparison, incomplete. If you have an interest in these subjects, then, you will almost certainly want to find a better introduction than that which I have been working on here.

The seminal textbook of the QI/QC research community is undoubtedly Nielsen and Chuang (az, goog), due to it's incredible completeness, depth of content and clear writing. As such, I cannot help but recommend it, as it truly deserves its place as the bible of quantum computation. That said, it can be daunting to read through as a first book on the subject, and so I would also recommend Kaye, Laflamme and Mosca's excellent introductory volume (az, goog). While KLM do not delve nearly so deeply into each topic, their text does a wonderful job of making QI/QC not only concrete, but accessible.

Starting out in a field can be hard, as it is difficult to even know what a first step towards self-education might be. Thus it is that I hope that these recommendations help lower that potential barrier, even if only slightly.

Notes: There are other excellent books, I'm sure. I chose two with which I am sufficiently familiar to make a personal recommendation, but that is not to say that these two books are the only books worth considering. Also, I get a kickback on books purchased via the links to

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