Sunday, December 03, 2006

Commencing the Metashell Project

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Well, folks. It's time. The open-source Metashell project (hosted at Google Code, read the blog) is underway. Sure, it started as a class project, but it is time to try and make something wonderful out of it. I strongly encourage anyone who's interested to go and read about it, and to give it a try. There isn't a snapshot up yet, but the Linux users among you can download MonoDevelop and use it to compile a copy. It can't do too much yet, but it does have enough there to be interesting and to be fun to mess with.

That said, to say that Metashell is rough around the edges is a significant understatement, and it serves to drive the point home that I'm not good at everything. Thus, I do want help. I want someone to write a nice installer and to get it to compile under Windows, for starters. More than anything, though, I want this project to get attention. I think that, even if the project itself isn't that well written, that the ideas behind it are sound, and I hope that developers writing all kinds of software can glean some inspiration from it. If it sounds conceded to write that, it is. I'll admit that much. I can't justify why I feel conceded about it, but I hope that at least my conceit isn't too offensive to anyone, and that you give my work a fair chance.
In short, if you want, it's there to download and play with. The Metashell project has commenced. Spread the word.

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