Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Apologies are owed to Michael Schiavo.

The tactic of distraction succeeded. The GOP successfully managed to bring the entire nation into what was, essentially, a fight inside of a family. Not only did they tramatize the situation for political gains, they managed to spin it into some "moral" crusade (yes, I used the word crusade) to "save Schiavo's life." I have an extreme amount trouble believing that the GOP would give a rat's ass about anyone's life, much less a vegatable in Florida, so I must conclude that the facade was only for direct political gain, and for damage control. Remember, the less people know about Bush, the more they seem to like him.
For these dispicable rationales, they made the life of Michael Schiavo much more difficult than it already was. Not only did he have the painful decision to make about his (mostly) dead wife, as well as to struggle with the deceased's parents, he now had to deal with death threats, being called a murderer, being the whipping boy for a nation, and the embarresment of the national spotlight.
It has now been revealed that it was all based on a lie: Terri Schiavo was pracically dead. There was no reviving the poor thing, nor was it even remotely possible that it was Michael's fault that she died. Not only was he not a murderer, he was doing what was best for her the whole damnned time. The refusal of the "moral majority" to realize, or even allow for the possibility, that he had her interests in mind caused no small cost to him and his life. He is owed an apology. They made him a whipping boy to save Bush, and for that, they must apologize if they at all are to be considered decent human beings.


pc93 said...

It is apparent that you never did any research. I'm a Democrat soon to not be a democrat and going away from the Democrat and Republican farce. I guess it took Terri Schiavo's murder to wake me up to this. I did the research. it was murder.

Post the following to as many blogs asking them to feature it as a regular post.. also when contacting jeb via fax and e-mail include this, and also spread as far and wide as possible:

Michael Schiavo's 30-70 Minute Gap Exploded Away Regarding 911 Call Seeking Assistance for Terri Schiavo

Charts prove a much larger gap in which Michael Schiavo did not seek help and also prove his various testimonies are merely concocted stories made up while under oath,.

Michael Schiavo asserts on Terri Schiavo's tombstone that she departed this earth on February 25, 1990 but failed to tell that to the medical malpractice jury when seeking and winning millions of dollars for her care. Charts explode away 30-70 minute gap mentioned by authorities regarding Terri's "collapse" and time Michael Schiavo waited in seeking help and add an additional 2 hour gap. In fact Michael's accounts proven to be no more than stories hiding his complicity in her collapse. See my charts:

Chris Granade said...

I suppose I should be impressed? I would be more incline towards such if I were to have observed any references for the two charts. Instead, you link to a forum site (Enlightenment Engine) without any justification for their authority. Nowhere did you justify the text of the charts- at least not as such.
Sir, in order for you to convince me of your point, it will take more than a few hodgepodges of text. Even were I to trust your assertion that the charts are accurate even to the slightest degree, what do they "show"? At "best," that there is a discrepancy of a very minor sort. Perhaps it might be indicitive of something else, but as it stands, your "evidence" does not "show" anything but circumstantial "evidence." To call someone a murderer based on so little... shame on you. Thanks for proving my point about how much we need to apologize to the poor man.