Thursday, June 16, 2005

"He's an artist? Go paint a bowl of fruit or something."

The audacity of some people... how dare they recreate a historic, tragic event (like the millions of times that different Civil War battles have been reenacted) like those around the WTC collapse. How dare an artist provoke thought, discussion and controversy! How dare he explore tragedy to find meaning! The audacity... must he do his job?
All sarcasm aside, have we as a nation so lost sight of what it means to be an "artist" that we cannot even accept something as simple and profound as this? How sad that we are so narrow minded as to insist that all artists must simply rehash what has been done countless times, such as a "bowl of fruit." After a while, there ceases to be any meaning to such cliches, and it becomes an act of skill alone, not a vehicle for creativity. Consider: an artist is one who seeks meaning through metaphore, and if we deny this, what have we achieved? We thus become a nation that seeks only to propagate its own existance... a nation without meaning.
How sad.
Don't let this be what the nation becomes.

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