Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hmph. Typical drivel.

I am never at a lack of amazement when viewing neoconservative/pesudolibetarian blogs. The neocon/plib blogs seem to be villifying those of us who have some kind of respect for humanity, not for this so-called "life" they claim to serve- look at the blogad on this blog which endorses the war in Iraq. Pro-life indeed. Pro-life does not mean killing 25229 Iraqi civilians (for the math challenged among us, that's about 8 September 11ths worth of innocent deaths), nor does it mean the sacrifice of 1,895 of our men and women to this merciless cause. People like this have no end to their gull, it seems. At least the comment below seems to indicate this (taken from the same blog as above):

Who’s next? Babies in utero with Down Syndrome or some other chromosomal abnormality. The very day doctors find something similar for homosexuality and parents opt to abort the fetuses is the day liberals will suddenly become pro-life, I predict. :?

It’ll be good to have them on the team.

Tsk, tsk. Let me attack this idiocy point by point...

  1. What a blurring of issues. Pro-choice is not the same as genetic manipulation. By blurring these two issues, the blogger in question is already commiting an act of intellectual dishonesty.
  2. It's an ad hominem attack. He doesn't make a point here.
  3. He assumes to know the priorities of what is by definition a diverse group. That is, how does he know that we would all become "pro-life" (again, as if it were- wonderful marketing)? He doesn't. Some of us may support genetic engineering and pre-natal selection... he shouldn't make assumptions like this. In my own defense, I am not trying to paint all neocon/plibs with the same brush, except for in so much as to illustrate the hatefulness of their positions which are the very definitions of the terms. Furthermore, there is far less divergence in the neocon/plib movements, as any dissenter is quickly torn to shreds and discarded. As another point, consider that the neocon/plib movements are incompatible with an openness to critique for the reasons mentioned above.
  4. He is trying to use scare tactics to energize his base while remaining devoid of potentially counter-productive content. In other words, he's blowing out hot air.
People then wonder why they don't get taken more seriously... as far as I can tell, this commenter is a troll on his own blog. How sad.

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