Sunday, June 19, 2005

State of the Union.

Ladies and gentlemen: our nation is in a very sad state. It should generally be taken as a very bad sign indeed when a soldier's parents take to buying their armor, because the army is just that underfunded. If it were a militia, this might be understandable (no gov't funding), but it is inexcusable for this to happen in the context of one what is supposedly the most advanced army in the world.
In other news, we still don't give a flying fuck about terrorism. Bush is still lying about Iraq. Condoleezza Rice is lying about Iraq. The White House is still harrassing and disregarding reporters. It is rare to see the nation in this kind of a state... last time I recall reading about anything with this consistancy of death, deception and disrespect from the administration was during the Vietnam War.
To all those still denying the sad state of the union in order to hold on their pristine image of G. W. Bush, let me tell you something: Iraq is the new Vietnam. As Rice said, Iraq is now an effort expected to last an entire generation. The cost of war in Iraq has already passed $177 billion. The number of US troops killed in Iraq has already passed 1,700. The number of Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq? At least 22,000. (Recall: about 3,000 people were killed on 9/11/01 as a result of the infamous attacks.) As long as this war continues, our safety will continue to be comprimised, as well as the safety of Iraqi civilians. Like Vietnam, we entered this war under false pretenses. Like Vietnam, we entered this war without appropriate tactical planning, and with insufficient troops.
Perhaps the most sad part of this whole state is that we didn't learn any lessons from Vietnam I, are repeating them in the Gulf War II. This nation seems content to repeat its mistakes over and over again. What a sad state.

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